Keeping binary compatibility

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Sat Oct 2 23:14:00 CEST 2010

On Saturday, October 2, 2010, George Kiagiadakis wrote:
> % aptitude search
> '?not(?source-package(kdebase-workspace))~Dlibweather-ion4a' p  
> plasma-dataengines-yawp  - yaWP's data engines (Ions) for
> different weather servicesd

does yawp actually _link_ to the ions? or does it just load them as DataEngine 
plugins at runtime?

> % aptitude search
> '?not(?source-package(kdebase-workspace))~Dlibplasmaclock4b'
> i A plasma-widgets-addons    - additional widgets for Plasma
> (plasma-widgets-addons is kdeplasma-addons)
> % aptitude search
> '?not(?source-package(kdebase-workspace))~Dlibkworkspace4' p   kshutdown  
>                    - an advanced shut down utility for KDE
> i   ktorrent                       - BitTorrent client based on the
> KDE platform
> p   plasma-widget-fastuserswitch   - Fast user switch plasmoid for
> switching between sessions in KDE
> i A plasma-widget-lancelot         - lancelot widget for Plasma
> % aptitude search '?not(?source-package(kdebase))~Dlibkonq5a'
> i   ark                       - archive utility
> i A kdesdk-dolphin-plugins    - dolphin vcs plugins
> c   kmess                     - MSN messenger for KDE
> c   konq-plugins              - plugins for Konqueror, the KDE
> file/web/document browser

aside from kmess and ktorrent, these are things that are released together. 
that they share such libraries is property of the SC release paradigm. it's 
not a bad thing. what is bad is that software outside of the SC does 
similarly, in part because we install headers so people can build modules 

perhaps we need a "internal to KDE SC" header install location?

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