KDEPIM Needs More TIme

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Fri May 14 14:42:21 CEST 2010

Howdy All,

I regret to inform everyone that kdepim will not be ready for a 4.5 Beta1
that is scheduled to happen in a few days.

We estimate an extra month will be needed.

Unfortunately, the massive porting effort to Akonadi (an even bigger job than
the Qt3/KDE3 -> Qt4/KDE4 port) is taking longer than we anticipated.

So, we have a couple of choices:
1) insert a 1 month long "alpha" [1], thereby delaying 4.5.0 by 1 month
2) keep kdepim out of 4.5.0 and release it separately 1 month later
3) keep kdepim out of 4.5.0 and release it again for 4.6.0

Of course, I'd opt for choice 1.
But there is simply no way we can put kdepim out there even in a beta at this time.

Comments? Suggestions?
-Allen, KDEPIM Module Coordinator

[1] means the feature, dependency and soft api freezes are still in place but we are very lax
when it comes to approving exemptions.  Everything scheduled for 19 May and beyond
is moved forward 1 month.

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