Akonadi Meeting: exception request. / Porting Status?

Tom Albers toma at kde.org
Mon May 10 15:54:36 CEST 2010

On Mon, 10 May 2010 12:11:25 +0200, Sebastian Kügler <sebas at kde.org>
> Hi PIMsters,
> On Sunday 09 May 2010 17:26:55 Allen Winter wrote:
>> On Wednesday 14 April 2010 10:28:35 am toma wrote:
>> > Akonadi will have a meeting from may 13th to may 16th. During this
>> > meeting we will hack at some small features. As kdepim is undergoing
>> > major changes due to the conversion to the Akonadi pillar, it is
>> > difficult to implement no new features during such a meeting.
>> > 
>> > More importantly there will be an API review of new API introduced in
>> > the
>> > KDE 4.5 development cycle. This usually means tons of little changes,
>> > such as renames and additional consts, etc.
>> > 
>> > I hereby ask an exception from the soft API freeze and Feature Freeze
>> > during this meeting. In practise, that means we might slip in one or
>> > two
>> > features and we won't mail the kde-bindings people on API changes for
>> > kdepimlibs and kdepim.
>> > 
>> > I hope this is ok.
> Please still notify the bindings teams of those changes. Exception
> mean that 
> no communication is needed, but that "unexpected API changes might show
> up". In the 
> release-team, regular trouble is API changes that aren't yet reflected
> bindings 
> (hence the API freeze in our current schedule), so we shouldn't void
> by not even 
> notifying people who need to get into action for a release that builds.

As the binding people have announce to move the bindings to kdepimlibs, I
don't think it is needed, but if you insist...

>> This request has been here for several weeks without objection.
>> Let's assume this request has been granted.
> I'd be very interested in the KMail porting status as of now. As we're
> roughly around 
> feature freeze, I'd expect the KMail Akonadi port to be finished by now.
> Also, in the 
> case of an email client, we might need more testing to not harm our user
> base. 
> I didn't find the KAddressbook migration in 4.3 to be smooth at all
> of 
> features, hangs in KMail, no migration of my existing data). I've yet to
> see one 
> machine where it was transparant to the users, and judging by the PIM
> list, the 
> issues are on the radar of the PIM team. If that experience is anything
> go by for 
> 4.5 and the KMail migration, I'm very concerned (of my own data and
> time, but 
> also for many of our users who are less patient than I am in this
> I think we 
> need to apply special care and QA here to not burn many of our users.
> you soothen 
> my concerns?
> When would be a good moment to start testing KDE PIM 4.5? I've svn
> switched those 
> modules to the 4.4 version until further notice when you guys began
> porting, but 
> haven't seen any meaningful communication about stability and progress
> this 
> critical KDE SC component.
> Thanks,

That's one of the goals of the meeting. I will sent a summary after the

Tom Albers
KDE Developer

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