KDE 4.5 Beta2 (4.4.85) uploaded

Volker Krause vkrause at kde.org
Wed Jun 9 10:46:37 CEST 2010

On Monday 07 June 2010 10:05:38 Dirk Mueller wrote:
> Hi,
> I just finished uploading the first set of tarballs for KDE 4.5 Beta2,
> which was actually planned to be done end of last week, however I was
> offline and I didn't have time to do them before leaving due to various
> private life issues.
> Lets delay the release until Thursday, I hope this is enough time assuming
> the current set of tarballs compile+work good (still building them).

I've uploaded the corresponding Akonadi server tarball (1.3.85) to 

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