PATCH: Fix severe speed regression when sending emails with KMail

Thomas McGuire mcguire at
Thu Jul 29 20:18:40 CEST 2010


we have by accident introduced a bad regression in kdepimlibs in the 4.5 
branch. The effect of that regression is that sending a mail can take quite a 
long time, during which the GUI is blocked, up to several minutes.
We have fixed this issue in the 4.5 branch with revision r1156791 [1], which 
was to late for the 4.5.0 tag.

The problem happens for KMail 1 (from the 4.4 branch) in combination with 
kdepimlibs from the 4.5 branch.

Please include this patch in your packages. It is also attached to this mail, 
for you convenience.
Dirk: Can you also please add the commit to the tag?

Technical background: Before sending a mail, KMail looks if any of the 
recipients is a nickname or a contact group, to transform those to real 
addresses. For those, we use a lookup/search in the Nepomuk database. By 
accident, we used a regexp/contains search, instead of an exact match search, 
which would have been sufficient. Apparently, Nepomuk/Virtuoso is quite slow 
for regexp/contains searches, which is where the speed regression came from. 
The patch restores the correct behaviour of doing an exact match search.

Thomas McGuire

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