Request to bump Qt version requirements to 4.6.3 for KDE SC 4.5 (and above)

Pavel Heimlich, a.k.a. hajma tropikhajma at
Mon Jul 19 13:18:57 CEST 2010

2010/7/11 Sebastian Kügler <sebas at>:
> On Thu July 8 2010 17:36:09 Maciej Mrozowski wrote:
>> Hello
>> From what I understand, Plasma in KDE4 Workspace 4.5 relies on
>> notifications provided by libdbusmenu-qt to control what to draw in system
>> tray. And apparently Qt <= Qt-4.6.2 contains known bug that causes 'close
>> application' notifications not to be delivered - as a result causing
>> system tray regressions - application icons not disappearing.
>> and similar reports.
>> Because it's quite visually exposed and obvious bug (confirmed to be solved
>> with mentioned Qt upgrade), I propose bumping Qt requirements to 4.6.3 for
>> 4.5 branch and trunk for whole KDE SC release (currently it requires Qt
>> 4.6.0).
> We need to communicate clearly that we really require the latest Qt for our
> software to work well, that's something we'll add to the release notes
> (similar situation with some graphics drivers actually, where you'll see huge
> performance improvements just by installing the latest release).
> It's something we'll add to the release notes.

the irc #kde-devel topic still says 'Use Qt 4.6.2 (kde-qt master) '

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