[Kde-bindings] KDE 4.4 RC1 (4.3.90) tarballs uploaded

Richard Dale rdale at foton.es
Thu Jan 21 14:13:27 CET 2010

On Thursday 21 January 2010 01:03:55 pm Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Thursday 21 January 2010, Richard Dale wrote:
> > Certainly we didn't need the KDE 4.4 release to be branched off from the
> > trunk a month before the actual release, while we are right in the middle
> > of trying to sort out kdebindings.
> Hi Richard,
> I don't understand - this is exactly what happened - we've branched from
>  trunk one month before the targetted final release.
Yes, but what I meant was that for kdebindings that doesn't make sense. If you 
are working on a KDE application then it is a good idea to be able to start 
adding new features to the trunk while fixing things in the 4.4 branch a month 
before the release. But we don't even quite have the time to fix the 4.4 
branch, let alone be adding things for the 4.5 release in the trunk at the 
moment. So I think splitting off the 4.4 release from trunk about a week before 
the final release would be best for kdebindings.

> How can we get kdebindings to build for RC2? This is currently blocking the
> release.
> there are several reports on kde-packager@ and release-team@ about this, I
>  can collect my own list of compile errors, I just don't know how to solve
>  them.
I had a look a the compile error about the printer method, and there is 
supposed to be a configure check for the Smoke libs generation that tests for 
printer functionality built in the Qt libs. It looks as though there is a 
problem with that. Arno Rehn is the expert on the bindings generator, but he 
doesn't seem to be around at the moment.

-- Richard

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