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Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 11:14:38 CET 2010

On Monday 08 February 2010 09:26:44 Franz Keferböck wrote:
> Hi all,
> this is a sign of life again from me (i've been virtually dead the
> last year++, not just in KDE land) and i'd like to address the "buzz"
> thing.
> Out of a notion - and the fact that i couldn't look at the current
> buzz.kde.org site as it kept on killing my browser I tried to use my
> "spare time" to reimplement something like it again - yet cleaner and
> faster. I guess I managed to, sent the results to Lydia who also
> included Tom Albers in the discussion on finishing it. Nuno blessed
> the Design (mostly a copy of the orignial anyways, just a couple if
> details he had to check, mainly with the item's layout and design). I
> made it all GPL and included the license with all source files (those
> I wrote, there's also one PHP from the web
> [http://pear.php.net/pepr/pepr-proposal-show.php?id=198  BSD Licensed]
> and of course mootools [http://www.mootools.net  MIT License] included
> as they are from the original websites). The code works fairly well
> and i've not yet had any real issues since the last bugs Jos
> Poortvliet found where ironed out. That was what i then committed to
> svn (/home/kde/trun/www/sites/buzz) as that's where TomA pointed me
> to. He was noticed by Lydia about it, i'll try to catch him today to
> see what's still there.
> If you want to have a look on what it is like now, point your browser
> to http://www.isis-marketing.at/buzz/
> The last issue i can see is that the icons in the top row are all the
> same - which is in fact the "dot" icon from planetkde. I'd appreciate
> if you could point me to the correct icons for the other websites to
> be included.
> I'll be on IRC all day long today (at least till 4pm CET, maybe
> longer, no long travelling or flight planning or such today), channels
> #kde-promo, #oxygen, #kde-www and #kde-devel (still fkefer there ;-).
> Good to find my way back again, really, i felt SO bad already, but i
> couldn't help, my private life was going down for some time, and as
> that stopped my company kept sending me to all different places all
> over the world, with little internet for private use yet lots of
> interesting things to see... nice tradeoff, yet not for KDE.
> So "Hi, i'm trying to find my way back" to ya all (instead of bye)

I think you made quite a splash coming back like this, thanks for the great 
work ;-)
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