KGoldrunner silenced in KDE 4.6 RC1

Ian Monroe ian at
Mon Dec 27 18:08:08 CET 2010

On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 17:37, Ian Wadham < at> wrote:
> Hello Release Team,
> I wish to notify you officially that I have (temporarily I hope) removed the
> Sound feature of the KGoldrunner game from trunk/KDE/kdegames using
> SVN revision 1207699 on 19 Dec 2010.  I see that the change is now in the
> KDE 4.6 RC1 tag.
> I feel that removing an entire feature at this late stage in the release cycle
> is rather a drastic and rule-breaking action to take, however I do not think
> there was anything else I could do.
> See the recent thread "Sound problems in KGoldrunner" on the KDE Games
> list for details.  Basically, Phonon in KGoldrunner does not work for me, with
> trunk as at 30 June.  It works with up-to-date trunk for Andreas Pakulat but
> freezes up everything when the game starts for Parker Coates.  There is
> also recently reported for
> KDE 4.3 KGoldrunner, where Phonon/Xine crashed amid a huge tangle
> of threads.
> I wrote to the KDE Games release co-ordinator on 21 Dec but had no reply.
> At the moment I feel powerless to do anything about this problem between
> now and the KDE 4.6 release, so I am also looking for leads and people
> who can help.
> Knowing I was going to be away overseas and out of Internet contact for
> a while, I finished my changes early for the 4.6 release and have been
> inactive on KDE and not receiving email lists for several months, so I
> am currently completely out of touch.  Specifically:
>  - I no longer know for sure how to build Qt and KDE - much has changed.
>  - I do not know for sure how to build and install Phonon.  I think you are
>   supposed to install the Qt version then somehow install the KDE version
>   over the top of it (i.e. under $QTDIR) ... ???

Does KGoldRunner need features from the latest KDE? Just use your
distro packages. That's what we lazy app developers do. :)

>  - I have no idea how Phonon works, so I have no idea how to investigate
>   the problem with it in KGoldrunner.  It's a library and I am an application
>   developer, so I expect it to "just work".
>  - Somebody else wrote the code for KGoldrunner's sound feature, back
>   in 2008.  It has never worked excellently for everybody and I believe the
>   Phonon authors have said that Phonon was never designed for use in games.
> Can you give me any ideas or put me in touch with anyone who could help?
> Best regards, Ian Wadham,
> Melbourne, Australia.

Does phonon in other apps (eg Amarok) have trouble on your computer?


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