KDEPIM 4.6beta3 Available

Dima Panov fluffy at fluffy.khv.ru
Sat Dec 25 19:29:22 CET 2010


22.12.2010, 12:45, "Allen Winter" <winter at kde.org>:
> Howdy,
> Tarballs for kdepim-4.6beta3 and kdepim-runtime-4.6beta3 have been created
> and will soon be available from a mirror near you, at:
> ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/unstable/kdepim/4.5.93
> I also put translations inside the kdepim-4.6beta3 tarball.
> But I'm not sure if that's how translations should be done for a module.
> Let me know if there's a better way to provide translations.

Only one note: translations for mobile apps should't be installed if mobile support disabled.

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