Question about moving packages *out* of a module before release.

Tom Albers toma at
Thu Dec 23 15:28:38 CET 2010

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> Hi all,
> I've got a question regarding kdesrc-build, my updater-builder thing
> in
> kdesdk/scripts.
> It occurred to me today as I was updating the documentation in a
> branch so as
> to avoid interfering with the message freeze that I'm probably going
> about
> this the wrong way. There was a point in time where it made sense for
> what was
> then kdecvs-build to be in kdesdk/scripts, since it was similar to
> kde-build
> in kdesdk/scripts, it used to be small ;), and I think it may have
> even pre-
> dated Extragear and at least wasn't far off.
> However, I've always handled my own releases, there's been a separate
> website,
> etc. I even used to routinely update it during freeze and although
> I've
> brought that up before myself, with no major dissent about breaking
> anything,
> I'm thinking that it makes more sense to split kdesrc-build off from
> the rest
> of kdesdk/scripts when it's moved to
> So, with that in mind, is there any opposition to removing
> kdesrc-build from
> kdesdk/scripts prior to the 4.6 release? I'm not talking about doing
> it
> tonight by any means, but it seems like a better idea if it's going to
> be
> moved out of kdesdk/scripts to do so before a point release as opposed
> to
> after one.
> What I don't want to do is derail the preparations being made by e.g.
> release
> team, translators, packagers, distributions, etc. so I want to make
> sure that
> moving would not interfere with the release process.
> Regards,
> - Michael Pyne

Packagers should have the packaging scripts pretty much ready for the release. Removing a binary will cause work for them. Since we have shipped this for years + the fact that it is not broken, I don't see a reason why it should happen in this RC-stage. Why not remove it from trunk (KDE 4.7) only and leave it in 4.6?

Tom Albers
KDE Sysadmin

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