4.6 Scheduler: Request for 4.6 Beta 3

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Wed Dec 22 14:42:34 CET 2010

On Monday 13 December 2010, Tom Albers wrote:

> I've read Tills mail and it is pretty clear to me. The focus for KDAB lies
> on the mobile version for the next two months. That means the desktop
> version will benefit from bugfixes in the underlying libs and akonadi, but
> KMail desktop will receive only little love. Although Till thinks KMail is
> ready enough to be release, I get the impression that it's not from
> several reports.

Which bugreports are we using for deciding whether or not KDEpim 4.6 is ready 
for release?

It is difficult for me to hide my disappointment in this discussion: KDE PIM 
again dropped out of the KDE release schedule, now for the 3rd time within KDE 
4.x release series, even though some voices on the kde-pim mailing list said 
that it ought to be good enough for a .0 release. 

My (fully outside and maybe ignorant) impression is that we need to take the 
risk at some point in time rather than delaying further. The worst thing that 
can happen for KDE as a project is that the distributions take the decision 
and the risk for us. 

> Anyhow, I think 2 weeks delay will not solve much.

It  might help to fix the most irritating glitches for sure. it will not help 
with every issue thats for sure. 

> My proposal would be to continue with the schedule as planned, the kdepim
> team would need to decide to either release it as normal, relase it but
> mark the kdepim/kmail part as 'experimental', or skip the .0.

It seems this was the decision already, so sorry for commenting after the 


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