Freeze exception in libmarble

Thibaut GRIDEL tgridel at
Sat Dec 11 22:34:59 CET 2010

Dear Release Team,

This is a freeze exception request for a late perfo optimisation with
impact on bindings, and a small marble feature which is very useful for
n900 users of marble: save their current tracking.

Those are being reviewed on RB: and

This is one last cherry after my rework on GeoData classes in marble
this release, permitting to load/save whole kml documents in a sane way,
and also displaying multiple documents geometries as well.

While committing I will CC:kde-i18n-doc and CC:kde-bindings because of
late strings and exported class changes.

I'm looking forward to your reply before pushing this, or would wait
trunk to be opened again.

Best Regards,

Thibaut Gridel

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