Tagging & Release delayed for KDE SC 4.4-beta1

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun Nov 29 23:14:57 CET 2009

On 29.11.09 22:41:44, Tom Albers wrote:
> Op Sunday 29 November 2009 21:48 schreef u:
> > I will have no way of fixing any bugs at all in KOrganizer 4.4
> > until this is dealt with.  Basically, we'd be throwing KOrganizer
> > out there and just hoping for the best.  I can't do that as maintainer
> > of this application, nor as the kdepim module coordinator.
> Why haven't you reported this earlier, for example tuesday, when Dirk asked for showstoppers? Without the delay we would hav had tarballs out to the packagers already. Reporting this on the eve before tagging gives us zero opertunity to fix this. I guess disabling kdepim is the only possible solution now.
> I don't think we should insert another beta already, let's see how it goes and decide later.
> Who is our current qt contact? Can someone contact him/her to see if we can get a fix asap?

Did anybody care to look at the bugreport? Thiago kinda promised to
either get it fixed properly for 4.6.0 final or put in a workaround
(most probably the revert of the problematic commit) for the release and
fix it for 4.6.1. 

Having said that, I don't see why an upstream bug should have an
influence of what and when we do the beta. We might hold off rc's or
finals, but a beta is there exactly to find such things. Distro's will
for sure pick up the patch easily, especially if we tell the packagers
via the kde-packagers maillist. As far as I can see the revert is
relatively unproblematic, except printing out warnings in dbus apps.

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