freeze or not freeze that is the question

Mathias Kraus k.hias at
Sun Nov 29 14:28:53 CET 2009

hello everybody,

I totally forgot to add more arena maps to granatier before the feature freeze 
and now I'm not sure if the freeze also applies to the maps.

the maps consists of the file, ArenaName.desktop and ArenaName.xml.

example for ArenaNamd.desktop
Name=Four Instance
Description=Clanbomber Import
Author=Andreas Hundt

example for ArenaName.xml
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Arena rowCount="13" colCount="17">

what do you think, is it OK to add the maps or or does it fall under the 

if it's OK to add arena maps, I would like to add all the arena maps from 
clanbomber. the clanbomber homepage states that it's a GPL game, so I suppose 
it would be OK, because the descriction states that it's imported from 
clanbomber. what do you think? 

thanks for your advice,

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