KDE 4.2.5?

Sune Vuorela debian at pusling.com
Fri May 29 22:51:08 CEST 2009

On Friday 29 May 2009 18:26:26 Allen Winter wrote:
> Howdy,
> Can we decide now if there will be a 4.2.5 release?
> If not, then that saves us some unneeded backporting work.
> Recall we stopped at 4.1.4.
> IMO we should stop at 4.2.4.
> Let's decide very soon and I'll communicate the decision to all developers.

I would like to request something in between; still do some backports, but 
only in some special cases, at least until 4.3final is out.

The special cases I could imagine would probably be something like:
 - "grave" bugs (dataloss & too frequent crashes to make the app usable and 
such) - and maybe with a CCMAIL: kde-packager 
 - gcc 4.4 (and such)  compile fixes.
 - maybe other cases that I haven't yet thought of, but of a similar 
"severity" and impact.

That way, distributions and others who cares can get "blessed" backport 
patches of the problems, which is kind of preferred.

How to close the sendmail?

You must send the digital gadget, this way then from Mandrake MkLinux you 
neither should ever cancel a laser BIOS operating system on a pointer to the 
folder to a SCSI wordprocessor, nor can ever ping the window over a processor 
to reset the SIMM.

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