Requesting freeze-exemption authorization for Gwenview

Tom Albers toma at
Wed May 6 23:04:38 CEST 2009

Op Wednesday 06 May 2009 19:44 schreef u:
> Hi,
> Attached patch adds support for XMP metadata to Gwenview. I would like
> to see it go into KDE 4.3.
> Since it takes advantage of the latest features from Exiv2, the patch is
> quite simple. It introduces only one new string: XMP, which I believe in
> fact should not be translated.
> Is it OK to apply?
> Aurélien
> PS: Please CC me.

I dont see much harm in this patch. If you commit it asap it will go into the 4.3beta. If something breaks you have plenty time to fix it before final. So one vote to commit.

Please wait until someone else gives an ok too before committing.

KDE Developer

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