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I'm sending this mail again as I got no replies last time.
If these tarballs (the ones available through ktown) are not meant to be
used by packagers, will you provide a way for packagers to follow
development of new releases before they reach beta status?

On 13-02-2009 Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto wrote:
> Hello.
> Starting with KDE-4.2.61, unstable KDE snapshots started to include in
> the tarball name the svn revision number
> (${modulename}-${version}.svn${revision}.tar.bz2). Thus, instead of
> kdebase-runtime-4.2.63.tar.bz2, we now have
> kdebase-runtime-4.2.63.svn925121.tar.bz2.
> This change introduced an unpredictable factor to the tarball name and
> makes it no longer possible to build unstable snapshots in source based
> distributions without manually changing build scripts to update URL's
> accordingly.
> On Monday, 9 Feb, in the kde-packager mailing list one of our
> developers proposed providing symlinks in
> pub/kde/unstable/${version}/src/sources for backward compatibility:
> ${modulename}-${version}.tar.bz2 ->
> ${modulename}-${version}.svn${revision}.tar.bz2 (msgid =
> <200902100022.08319.scarabeus at>). There has been no reply to
> that email yet.
> As we already have quite a bit of work with KDE and have limited man
> power, our ability to provide unstable KDE snapshots in our official
> testing repository is being affected and we might have no other option
> than to stop supporting snapshots until they get closer to release or we
> find an "automated way" to specify the source URI for the snapshots.
> Can we find a solution to this?
> For the Gentoo KDE team
> Gentoo/KDE Lead

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