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> Exactly, that's actually the reason, why in Gentoo, we get some number of
> duplicated icons causing file collisions that need to be handled. Of
> course, usually after some time, they are eventually removed from those
> packages. Some applications still ship some icons on their own (I could
> give some examples, like digikam, and used to - koffice). The possible
> reasons are:
> - some application developers don't know whether some icon is 
> shipped already with KDE4
> - some application developers don't want to assume that KDE4 shipping those
> newly added application icons is installed on user machine, so just in any
> case they ship icons themselves.

Neither of the two.

The *real* reasons for clashes between an icon installed with an icon theme 
and one installed with an application itself is just one: an application 
polluting the "namespace" of the global icon theme.
Back to your digikam issue: this was actually an issue because they used to 
install the application icon within the "oxygen" icon theme... and that same 
icon was put in the trunk version of oxygen.
The *only* sane way to resolve these issues is having applications install 
their icons within the hicolour namespace, with:
- icons for the application (say, the one for representing it, usually in 
the 'apps' category) in the global icon theme 
(usually /usr/share/icons/hicolor)
- other application icons within the local datadir of the application 
This ensures some things:
- private icons for an applications stay really private
- as hicolour is the "low-level denominator" for icon themes, if you use any 
icon theme different than oxygen you can actually see application icon in the 
menu (either kde's or gnome's or any other xdg-menu implementation)
- a better version of some icon (either the icon of an application icon or 
some private application one) provided globally in an icon theme 
will "override" the hicolor one (as expected)

> so that in effect every Oxygen icon create is in kdesupport/oxygen-icons)

... minus icons of applications (ie those in the 'apps' category) for 
applications which have no own hicolor version. As said above, any 
application should carry its own icon with the hicolor icon theme, otherwise 
there will be an happy question mark when being used in non-oxygen contexts 
(eg in a gnome menu).

Pino Toscano
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