Permission Request to Backport a Desktop File Addition to kdebase 4.3

Fredy Yanardi fyanardi at
Tue Jun 30 18:56:50 CEST 2009

Hello all,

I implemented a small feature for konqueror's searchbar plugin[1]. This new feature requires new property in the kdebase's webshortcut searchprovider desktop file, [Suggest] that contains the suggestion service for a specific search provider [2].

Since this request has been committed to the konq-plugins extragear module as well, it will be included in the konq-plugins extragear accompanying KDE 4.3. (KDE extragear has different release schedule, doesn't it?). But if the searchprovider desktop file addition is not in the kdebase 4.3, this feature is just non-functional (but no harm at all).

Hence I request to backport the searchprovider desktop file additional property to kdebase 4.3 to make this feature also functional in KDE 4.3. Since it is a property addition to the desktop file, it should not affect any other KDE modules, hence it is harmless.

But if it is not allowed, we already have this for 4.4 :) (I still have few TODOs for this feature, one is supporting opensearch)

Best regards,

Fredy Yanardi


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