pre-releases of rc1

Helio Chissini de Castro helio at
Mon Jun 29 13:41:03 CEST 2009

Aaron J. Seigo escreveu:
> hi all ...
> looking at the bugs i'm getting about "rc1", it seems that Arch and Mandriva 
> have both made "rc1" packages available to their users. don't know if we need 
> to discuss anything with them, but there you go.
> as sebas noted, this seems to be the usual "push the packages into ultra-
> unstable-testing distro repo a few days in advance" thing. so not sure it's 
> really toooo much of an issue. they are just trying to get ahead of the curve 
> so they can release quickly with us.
> maybe a gentle reminder from the release team to be sure that the packages 
> _are_ up to date when we release and to tell their testers of their ultra-
> unstable-testing repo not to report issues until they have packages with the 
> actual final release? *shrug*

Well, we do not released any packages for stable, so users that are 
using "cooker" are prone to know that whole thing can be broken and 
that's the goal of that, fix it, discover what is wrong.
So, if there are some unhappy Mandriva user blaming the current state, 
instalation, please rereoute to us, because we know how to deal with then.
Talking seriously, there some people that assume that the unstable 
repository should be stable and for years and it's been a regular 
discussion on mail lists, so our officila position is, if is cooker, it 
can be broken and is nobody's fault, not the projects nor even the 
distro. The users must be aware that it happens.

 From our part, if this caused any stress, i apologise..


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