pre-releases of rc1

Pierre Schmitz pierre at
Sun Jul 5 15:05:00 CEST 2009

On Saturday 04 July 2009 18:38:56 Dirk Mueller wrote:
> a) provide tarballs until Thursday evening (Friday morning latest) and
> release on Tuesday
> b) provide tarballs Monday morning and release on Thursday evening.
> Comments? Packagers, which variant do you prefer?

It does not really matter; but option a seems to be best for most non-
commercial projects.

Another suggestion about the release schedule:

* keep the one week delay for final major releases (e.g. 4.3.0)
* reduce the delay for beta/rc releases to two or three days
* putting a second RC between RC1 and final might be a good idea in general.
  Four weeks between RC1 and the final version is too long.
* The delay between tagging and announcement for bugfix releases (e.g. 4.3.1)
  could also be decreased to three days.

A more dynamic approach could be introducing some kind of positive feedback 
from packagers. For example: source packages will be released to public and 
announced if a certain number of packagers confirmed they could be built and 
of course no showstoppers are left.


Pierre Schmitz,

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