Security issue in 4.2

Richard Moore richmoore44 at
Sun Jan 25 01:51:22 CET 2009

I don't know anymore than is stated below, there was no reply to my
last messages:

<Chani> so. it's way too late to fix giant security holes in 4.2
features, isn't it?
<richmoore3> Chani: it depends, we've stopped releases for things like
that in the past
<Chani> richmoore3: I just discovered there was a change to hte branch
that makes screensaver widgets have no semblance of security at *all*,
but I'm late for dinner so I'll have to fix it in a few hours
<Chani> except I'd be skipping a prty to do so
<richmoore3> Chani: please mail the release time list ASAP
<richmoore3> Chani: if you say which revision has the fix we can
probably get it into 4.2.0
<richmoore3> Chani: that should be fine, are you ok to mail the
release team or should i?

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