Trunk based on Qt 4.5

Allen Winter winter at
Mon Jan 12 01:08:12 CET 2009

Posted over from kde-devel.

On Sunday 11 January 2009 5:14:34 pm Alexis Ménard wrote:
> Hello KDE folks,
> Perhaps some people have noticed that a squad in Qt Software is trying to
> track (and fix) all visible bugs as they can to have a perfect KDE 4.2 with
> Qt 4.5.
> Most visible bugs has been fixed, both in KDE and Qt. The shape is pretty
> good, kdelibs, kdebase, kdepim, kdegraphics run fine both with
> graphicssytem raster and with the standard X11 paint engine. The only big
> remaining issue actually is KWin against graphicssytem raster, but i should
> talk to KWin people ( i am not sure running KWin with this graphic system
> is relevant since KWin use X11 quite often by itself).
> My question is pretty simple and it's inside the subject : When the trunk
> will be based on 4.5?
> Should we wait the release of KDE 4.2?
> Why this question? The release of 4.5 is not far and having all KDE devs
> running their trunk on 4.5 will help us (Qt Software) to fix all (:p) bugs
> we can before we release. Of course we can't run all KDE apps and test all
> options in each apps.
> Btw the RC of Qt 4.5 will be available soon so i guess this is a pretty
> good start for the KDE trunk.
> PS: Plenty of bugs has been fixed since the beta of 4.5 so if people want
> to try they should use snapshot instead.

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