announcements (was: Re: tags/kdesupport-for-4.2)

Dominik Haumann dhdev at
Sat Jan 3 17:57:42 CET 2009


On Saturday 03 January 2009, Tom Albers wrote:
> Hi,
> In preparation of the release of 4.2.0, I've created the
> tags/kdesupport-for-4.2. This tag of kdesupport should be used when you
> compile the 4.2 branch in the future.  Trunk's version of kdesupport
> should be used to compile KDE trunk (which would be KDE 4.3.0).
> At least Akonadi will probably commit some KDE 4.2.x incompatible changes
> in kdesupport trunk as soon as KDE 4.2 is branched.
> Request to all kdesupport maintainers: add the version of your software
> into that tag soon please.

Can we have an announcement for this on kde-cvs-announce once this is 
mandatory? Same applies for when the freeze is over and all other 
milestones as well :-)

We've had a thread about this quite some time ago, but I'd like to stress 
this again.


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