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Christophe Giboudeaux cgiboudeaux at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 23:25:07 CET 2009


On Thursday 07 May 2009 23:47:03 Tom Albers wrote:
> Hi DIrk, *
> As discussed today, we would like to have a kdepim-runtime tarball, we
>  would like to have it contain the content of /trunk/KDE/kdepim/akonadi. It
>  should be able to compile stand alone and only contains the stuff that is
>  a runtime dependency for akonadi application.
> That way for example Mailody can depend on that package instead of
>  depending on the whole of kdepim.
> We should decide about the renaming kdepim/akonadi to
>  kdepim/runtime/akonadi or we could create a kdepim-runtime next to kdepim
>  as top level folder. I really don't care about what solution will be taken
>  as I can not oversee the build consequences at all. So I think the experts
>  should give their opinion about that.
> I hope we can do this for the 4.3 releases. Does not have to be for the
>  tagged beta of course, althought that would be nice for the packagers to
>  adapt to the change.

Some news about this topic: kdepim/runtime was finally created and it even 
compiles stand alone.

Dirk, can you make the necessary changes to the tarball script please ?

note: the kdepim/apps creation will not happen for KDE SC 4.4 or merging the 
commits between the different branches will be a nightmare.


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