KDE 4.3.80 (Beta1) tarball updates

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Fri Dec 4 00:56:41 CET 2009


I've got many "does not compile" reports from everywhere, I hope I addressed 
all of them now with these updated tarballs: 

3d4fe702be4a85c02e56e80a8f06ae76  kdelibs-4.3.80.tar.bz2
c86fcb4f0378069fea24bce05b6e2853  kdepim-runtime-4.3.80.tar.bz2
938c4686506d3dd4729774b20a7234e4  kdepim-4.3.80.tar.bz2
f633d57dc88e5fca24e311bc672f7c6c  kdebindings-4.3.80.tar.bz2

the kdeedu failure is actually fixed by the kdelibs update. 

As those are major changes again and it is late already, I'm delaying public 
announcement until tomorrow.


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