Release Schedule 4.4

Tom Albers toma at
Thu Aug 27 10:12:22 CEST 2009

At Thursday 27 August 2009 01:00, you wrote:
> Am Mittwoch 26 August 2009 22:23:33 schrieb Tom Albers:
> > This schedule will become final next saterday, unless someone objects.
> What is the reason for having about one week between tagging and release of 
> the beta versions but only one day for the RCs?
> Imho the delay for RCs should be higher than for betas. (e.g. two days for rc 
> and one for beta)
> Pierre

No, the normal packaging to release cycle is ~5 days. Only if we apply that normal cycle to rc's the rc's would not get any useful testing, as their interval is set to two weeks. So the RC's follow a package-and-release cycle, with minimal testing. 

I do think that we need to stress to people to only fix showstoppers from rc1 stage. In the last cycle we saw that people were insanely backporting their fixes between rc1 and rc2, which made rc2 rather bad, causing us to insert the rc3. We can try to prevent that this time.


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