Improving Communication

Dirk Mueller dmuell at
Thu Sep 11 01:19:42 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 09 September 2008, Allen Winter wrote:

> I think we do a terrible job

I don't think thats the case. We can do better though. The past problems were

a) the job owner was not defined, so in the end nobody did anything
b) there is no clear notification procedure (who needs to be notified when and 

> of keeping the community informed about
> approaching milestones.

a) public ical file
b) reminder emails to the affected parties (artists on artist freeze, 
translators on translations freeze etc). 

I'm against the blog-posting idea because it is just another way of 
notification. it only notifies you that the deadline just passed, it doesn't 
really notify you in advance that the deadline is approaching (unless you 
setup a blog post one week before deadline, a day before deadline or things 
like that). I'm not sure if I should interpret the suggestion that way. I 
guess in that way it is the same like the reminders 

I've read that there is a mediawiki to ical plugin somwhere, unfortunately I 
haven't played with it yet. 


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