Qt 4.5 and KDE 4.2

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Thu Sep 11 01:14:15 CEST 2008

On Monday 08 September 2008, Tom Albers wrote:

> In rescheduling the 4.2 release, it seems we missed the fact that by moving
> the schedule forward, we can no longer depend on Qt 4.5. I wonder if that
> is the right thing to do. What would be the disadvantage to revert this
> change (besides me looking silly), and having a 5 month 4.3 cycle?

Unfortunately I'm a bit late on this thread (as usual, reading email backlog 
until way too late into the night). I'm very much agains the juggling with the 
release schedule just to align with the akademy 09 date, because, again, we're 
trying to adjust to marketing games here. That does not serve us, because it 
doesn't help our contributors in trusting that our schedules are reliable. 
We're doing schedules so that our contributors can allocate and schedule their 
ressources, therefore we have to be reliable, confident and causious with it.

The decision of wether or not to depend on Qt 4.5 for KDE 4.2 is going to be a 
tough one, and I don't want to do it at the moment, although we have to decide 
for that before the end of the year. 


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