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I just found out these discussions on the release-team list, to which I was


My questions are:

1. Is /trunk/kdesupport going to be no longer recommended to build KDE SVN?
mean e.g. on the techbase page,
Any plan to update that page to no longer recommend to
checkout /trunk/kdesupport?

2. What is the difference between a "tag" and a "branch" ? I seem to see a
of overlap between /tags and /branches.

3. So what is the "tag" that I should create for version x.y of eigen: is
it /tags/eigen/x.y ?

4. We are about to release a beta version of eigen but the 2.0 final will
to wait about 6-10 more weeks. Shall I still create a tag as soon as
possible? /tags/eigen/2.0-beta1 ? Or wait until 2.0 to create a tag?

5. After we create a tag does that mean that we can do whatever we want
in /trunk/kdesupport/eigen2 without risking to break compilation for other
people? This is related to question 1. As long as we tell people to use
trunk/kdesupport, making tags is rather pointless.


> Howdy,
> If you are a developer of a kdesupport project, please make sure
> that your latest-and-greatest stable version is tagged
> in our subversion tags repository.
> The "lastest-and-greatest stable version" should be the version
> that we need to use when building trunk.
> If you need help with this, please send a note to release-team ML.
> -Allen
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