[Kde-pim] KitchenSync + OpenSync Deadline

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 10:21:14 CET 2008

2008/11/27 Allen Winter <winter at kde.org>:
> Howdy,
> We are nearing the KDE 4.2 Beta2  tagging in less than 2 weeks (9 Dec).
> If Opensync 0.40 is not available a few days before that time, then we'll have no choice
> but to disable Kitchensync  and the Akonadi Opensync plugin from KDE 4.2.
> See [1]
> Can anyone provide a status update on Opensync 0.40?
> Is there any chance this deadline can be met?

Hello Allen. I have written to the OpenSync-users list to ask if they
can cooperate with you on this issue:

I do hope that a bit of leniency on KDE's side and a bit of fast
hacking on the OpenSync side could help get OpenSync 0.40 into KDE-PIM
for KDE 4.2.  Interoperability betwen both products increases exposure
for each, and also helps users who need this functionality. It would
be a shame to miss out on KDE-PIM for another half a year and all the
user testing that could be done in that time should an API-stable
OpenSync 0.40 finally be included with KDE-PIM.

Dotan Cohen



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