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Rafi Yanai rafi.yanai at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 21:18:32 CET 2008

I´m following the disscution from afar (Chile right now..), I havn´t
commited any code for quite sometime and when I´ll come back I´ll probably
concentrate on bug fixes - but I feel that the general mood is to accept the

I don´t feel that I should cast a vote on this matter due to the reasons
above - but why don´t the krew vote on this issue ? If most people are
comfartable with the idea - we can talk about details like saving history
and the right point in time to do it later, if the krew rather contiue with
the current SVN - than the details are irrelevent :)

Keep up the great work (both on KDE and Krusader),

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 12:40 PM, Sebastian Kügler <sebas at kde.org> wrote:

> On Tuesday 25 November 2008 23:31:23 Jonas Bähr wrote:
> > Since 2.0.0 would be our first KDE-4 release, it would be an
> > acceptable point to beginn with a blank history. Sebastian, you
> > mentioned "possibly losing history" as a disadvantage. Does this mean
> > there is a chance to keep our history? Under which conditions? My svn
> > knowledge regarding such migrations is limited, but I could only think
> > of a replay of our repository. This does not really make sense....
> As David said (and which might not have made it to the krusader list), it
> *might* be possible to import history using svk. But you need to talk to
> sysadmin at k.o about that. So I cannot be conclusive here.
> > > i think it has other advantages not mentioned here (mostly from PR
> > > perspective), but that aside, i would like to know which module
> > > krusader would be getting into. ideally, i'd like to see krusader in
> > > a package that usually gets installed by default, which (i *think*)
> > > is not the situation with extragear?
> >
> > I think extragear would be perfectly fine, at least for the beginning.
> > Some of the most popular KDE apps, like Amarok, live in extragear.
> > Plus, there we have the maximum of freedom. We can't claim our
> > independence on the one hand and ask for inclusion in a core module on
> > the other.
> Well, installed by default is ambiguous. If you're referring to kdebase, I
> think that is not an option for Krusader (at least not in the current
> situation). We're already shipping two filemanagers with it (while, with
> KDE4,
> we've tried really hard to get the number of apps in the standard modules
> down
> to one per type (i.e. one image viewer, one video player, ...). Extragear,
> to
> *me* sounds like a sensible option indeed, but ultimately it's up to module
> maintainers where Krusader can find its home.
> > > what do you think guys?
> >
> > I'm all fo a move as soon as 2.0 is out of the door. What does the
> > rest of the Krew think?
> Cheers,
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