[Krusader-devel] Re: Krusader in KDE's SVN

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Wed Nov 26 12:40:34 CET 2008

On Tuesday 25 November 2008 23:31:23 Jonas Bähr wrote:
> Since 2.0.0 would be our first KDE-4 release, it would be an
> acceptable point to beginn with a blank history. Sebastian, you
> mentioned "possibly losing history" as a disadvantage. Does this mean
> there is a chance to keep our history? Under which conditions? My svn
> knowledge regarding such migrations is limited, but I could only think
> of a replay of our repository. This does not really make sense....

As David said (and which might not have made it to the krusader list), it 
*might* be possible to import history using svk. But you need to talk to 
sysadmin at k.o about that. So I cannot be conclusive here.

> > i think it has other advantages not mentioned here (mostly from PR
> > perspective), but that aside, i would like to know which module
> > krusader would be getting into. ideally, i'd like to see krusader in
> > a package that usually gets installed by default, which (i *think*)
> > is not the situation with extragear?
> I think extragear would be perfectly fine, at least for the beginning.
> Some of the most popular KDE apps, like Amarok, live in extragear.
> Plus, there we have the maximum of freedom. We can't claim our
> independence on the one hand and ask for inclusion in a core module on
> the other.

Well, installed by default is ambiguous. If you're referring to kdebase, I 
think that is not an option for Krusader (at least not in the current 
situation). We're already shipping two filemanagers with it (while, with KDE4, 
we've tried really hard to get the number of apps in the standard modules down 
to one per type (i.e. one image viewer, one video player, ...). Extragear, to 
*me* sounds like a sensible option indeed, but ultimately it's up to module 
maintainers where Krusader can find its home.

> > what do you think guys?
> I'm all fo a move as soon as 2.0 is out of the door. What does the
> rest of the Krew think?


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