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Am Friday 21 November 2008 21:34:19 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:
> On Friday 21 November 2008, Torsten Rahn wrote:
> > We have reconsidered the case and it looks like we'd rather like to see
> > the dezibel-kde part shipped for KDE 4.3.
> curiosity begets the question: why? (not that i disagree, just a question
> =)

there are several reasons:

- the modules in decibel-kde are nothing a developer develops with - they are 
plugins for decibel (for kde-integration) as well as a kcm module. So the 
APIs are already public now with kdesupport. So Decibel is already there. 

- in order to have it moved to kdereview I would have liked to test it at 
least. I tried 2 full weekends and basically how even have kdelibs compiled, 
but I noticed that there are still cmake stuff to fix and barriers are much 
too high :-( As we are late and I don't have people to support me _now_ I 
can't force it. It will be a bit easier probably in dec and even january, but 
this might be too late. 

- besides that there are issues with telepathy. Telepathy changes spec 
versions all the time, which makes it very difficult for others to use that 
technology. For released code of libtelepathy and connection managers it is 
very difficult to find out which spec they implement (no API call, no doc 
available). Of course KDE could alsways say, that it is the distributors 
problem to get it work as long as we support one version properly, but I feel 
not good about it. We think Decibel works with current telepathy, but due to 
this intransparency and the amount of possible combinations we hesitate to 
state that it fully works. I wonder how KDE ever can support this unstable 
telepathy setup. I hope with upcoming qt bindings (working for Qt 4.5, thus 
KDE 4.3) it will be a bit better. I think telepathy developers have not 
understood the importance of freezed APIs. However, we could of course still 
publish Decibel and push the work of making their version of telepathy work 
with their version of decibel to the distributors. 

- to summarize things: Decibel APIs are DBUS APIs and are stable, they have 
been tested in summer. They are available from kdesupport. 


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