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On Thursday 13 November 2008, Torsten Rahn wrote:
> It's important to provide and ship the Decibel-KDE libs support soon. You
> can't always assume that people will always use trunk to develop with.
> I'd claim that most people who develop against KDE 4 these days try to
> develop against the stable version of KDE unless there is a really
> important API enhancement in trunk that they need to depend on (and that

this has always been the case. the majority of application developers do not 
use trunk, and even if they do they realize many of their users don't and so 
avoid using library features that are only in trunk.

> > Which apps are using/want to use Decibel?
> Except for Kopete and other IM messaging clients there are possible other
> applications which could use Decibel: ?

this is where we ought to be aware of KDE4's likeness to KDE2 more than KDE3. 
in KDE3 we had a pretty strict "Must already be used in applications" policy, 
while in KDE2 it seemed a lot more technology was added "because applications 
should be able to $FOO". that's because in KDE3 we had what we needed and we 
wanted to avoid unending bloat for no purpose while in KDE2 (and KDE4) we were 
adding tools to let us do what we wanted to able to do.

decibel certainly falls into that category.

as for the rest of Torsten's observations and comments, i think he's correct 
across the board.

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