kdepimlibs Licensing

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Wed Nov 19 11:25:45 CET 2008

Op woensdag 19 november 2008 11:14 schreef u:
> mailody can depend on kdepim, given that it will ultimatively merge or move 
> into kdepim (or so I heard).

Where did you hear that? 

Mailody can not depend on kdepim and will not move into kdepim.

> besides the licensing issue (where I think the pragmatic solution is not a 
> good idea, I would rather create a different toplevel module for that or 
> completely rip out code that cannot be relicensed),

You miss the point that there is nobody that wishes to go ahead with the relicensing to LGPL. Why would *we* make an effort to make a library that can be used in closed source applications? 
If someone wants to make such an application, they have to invest time in the relicensing. It is a bit weird that for libs we require at least two applications, but we need to have it relicensened to LGPL because there might come a closed source application in the future that wants to use it. GPL is fine for all our needs and for some libraries it can even give the open source world an competitive advantage. 

> I would object unless BC/API has been reviewed

We have extensive API reviews during the meetings, as soon as it is a lib we review it and make adjustments. Good example is the recent move from the dictionarycombobox to kdelibs, we decided that the complete api was a mess and rewritten the whole think to make sense again. 

(I.o.w.: you are right, we need to review the apis, as usual).


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