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Per Eriksson pereriksson at
Thu May 8 19:15:21 CEST 2008

Dear Dirk,

The Community is very interested in sharing our 
experiences around qa and release processes and tools.

(As an IBM consultant I would at work recommend Rational Build Forge, 
but let's leave that for now:) )

The Community has written a tool called QATrack, which a month back 
reached version 2.0. It covers these areas:

Build management
IssueZilla integration
RSS Feed
Authentication against main site (CollabNet)

The goal is not the technology, it's the information. QATrack is now a 
build information portal, it could be release portal, combining 
different systems to provide a single point of information (and be a 
record backwards in time).

You can look at the tool here (all info is readable)

To get the most out of the read-only experience (e.g set gui language) 
register for an acocunt here:

What different kinds of technologies do you use to keep track of builds 
today? Mailing lists/private emails? Wiki pages or Bugzilla for tracking?

Thank you,

Best Regards
Per Eriksson
Marketing Contact Sweden
Phone: +46 70 560 10 33
Email: pereriksson at

Dirk Mueller skrev:
> On Thursday 01 May 2008, Per Eriksson wrote:
>> I am interested in knowing how you handle the builds and releases and
>> maintain and distribute accurate information within these areas.
> We're not using a build tracker, it is all manual communication at the moment. 
> Perhaps it would make sense to setup such a tracker to have a more informed 
> decision base. Is OpenOffice using any of those and can share some 
> experiences with it?
> Thanks,
> Dirk

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