kdereview closed?

Tobias Hunger tobias.hunger at basyskom.de
Tue May 6 16:57:12 CEST 2008

Am Montag, 5. Mai 2008 21:26:54 schrieb Allen Winter:
> A couple of problems:
>  1) last I knew, the decibel buildsystem was messy

Well, Decibel was developed outside of KDE proper, so it did copy a couple of 
macros from kdelibs, etc. Allen said he wanted to look into that a while 

One thing Decibel does is to generate bindings code to the D-Bus XML files and 
put that in a lib so that it is easier to access Decibel over D-Bus. To do so 
I mangle the dbusxml2cpp output and put some export markers into it.

Thiago has spoken out against that practice since he does not want code from 
dbusxml2cpp in a public interface. Since dbusxml2cpp is not good enough to 
generate the complete bindings incl. datatypes and marshalling/demarshalling 
code I do not see a way around it at this time. How are you providing access 
to your D-Bus interfaces? Is there a better/different way to provide C++ 
access to D-Bus interfaces?

>  2) we never actually announced it.  so maybe nobody looked
>      at it in kdereview.

We wanted to clean up the buildsystem first before announcing it.

Apart from that Decibel is in a OK state (at least from my biased 
perspective;-). It is almost krazy2 clean.

I do not consider it API stable at this time though. George will probably 
change things around a bit to make it work better with his KDE4 integration 
work and once people use it and give feedback it will propbly evolve a bit 


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