kdesupport branch for 4.0.x

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Tue Mar 25 16:27:13 CET 2008

On Tuesday 25 March 2008, Tom Albers wrote:
> To be able to ship 4.0 to the customers distro's /must/ have version
> of all the dependencies of KDE4. Including the ones which live in
> kdesupport. How else can they ship it?

I'm not seeing how this is relevant. If you want to develop or test a 
development version, you'd like to use the latest available version. The 
distro might ship a previous version of kdesupport apps, not the latest 
stable one. Especially if you run the latest "official", supported 
distro KDE and build yourself the latest development version (either 
from trunk or stable). Being able to test easily with the latest 
available version is good also for the project, as bugs will be caught 
easier something got broken, not just when the distros will compile 
their new packages on a new KDE release. 
For example a distro releases with KDE 4.0 and Soprano 1.0. You 
work/test the not-yet-released KDE 4.0.3, by building it from source. If 
you use the distro packages, you will have to use Soprano 1.0, even if 
Soprano 1.3 was already released. Or you have to download Soprano 1.3 
and compile it. Now this extra download is fine for any 3rd party app, 
but if we have a kdesupport module which contains some 3rd party apps, 
why not make our life easier and provide this module not only for trunk, 
but for the stable branch as well, containing the latest stable version 
of the 4rd party apps?
 And if Soprano 1.3 has a bug, eg. a regression, it will not be caught 
by those running and testing 4.0.3, until the distro packages 4.0.3 
against Soprano 1.3.
 I hope it is clear now why I see it would be good to branch kdesupport.

Because as I said, otherwise you could say that for trunk use the latest 
unstable version for the following apps: list of kdesupport apps. But in 
trunk everybody agrees this does not make sense. Why? ;)


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