KDE 4.1 branch created

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Wed Jul 9 12:48:46 CEST 2008


No RC1 blockers are aware to me, so I went ahead and  created a KDE 4.1 branch 
from /trunk, which is now heading towards KDE 4.2. Translations for RC1 will 
be taken from /trunk/l10n-kde4, a separate announcement for translations will 
follow. I'll have to figure out if its worth keeping KDE 4.0 translations 
available any further. 

RC 1 tarballs will be done fairly today from the branch and uploaded to the 

branches/KDE/4.1 is open for commits, but only for stuff that should go into 
KDE 4.1 final, so be careful. do not backport dangerous changes at the moment.

trunk/KDE is open again for KDE 4.2 development, but I would like to urge you 
to concentrate on polishing KDE 4.1, at least until KDE 4.1 is final.

There have been 20803 commits that made it into KDE 4.1 branch, 15432 
translation checkins. almost 35000 commits have been done in work branches, 
some of them also being merged into /trunk, so those were not even counted. 
Great work everyone :) Please spread the word (blogs, channels, etc)!


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