KDE 4.1 beta2 tarballs (4.0.83) try #1 uploaded

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Mon Jul 7 14:53:52 CEST 2008

On Thursday 19 June 2008, Nicolas Lécureuil wrote:

> Probably kdeplasma would have been better?
> I suppose we could change the name for 4.2.

I would rather not introduce a new module before when we already know that it 
is going to be renamed. if we're unhappy with the name, then we should change 
it now. 

So what is the proposed name change?

kdeplasmoids -> kdeplasma ?


kdeplasmoids -> kdeaddons-plasma? 

kdeplasmoids -> kdebase-workspace-addons?

it gets more and more complex. I don't have a strong opinion against 
kdeplasmoids, I think it sounds fine to me, and kdeplasma sounds a bit like 
plasma itself (which would be more confusing than helpful imho). 

we could also name the module plasma-addons. 


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