Request for breaking hard feature freeze for an important Plasma feature ; )

Simon Edwards simon at
Tue Jul 1 11:30:31 CEST 2008

Peter Penz wrote:
> On Tuesday, 1. July 2008 00:26:46 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> [...]
>> it's really basic code without any real trickinesses to it and would help
>> with the plasmalash. i'm ok with waiting for 4.2, but i'm not sure our
>> users are. =P
> I'm sure most users see this as bug. +1 from my side for fixing this "bug" :-) 
> Seriosly: Plasma is in really good shape in 4.1, but I fear this minor thing 
> might open the door for (yet another) plasma bashing if it won't be fixed...

I agree. If this feature is missing it likely to be experienced as a 
(biggish) bug by users. Provided there is low chance of this feature 
impacting stability or causing breakage etc etc, I would say that not 
having this feature is worse than having it but there being a few bugs 
left in it.

I say put it in, and we'll take any bug risks. (It sounds pretty safe 
according to Aaron anyway).


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