KDE 4.0.1 tarballs (try #1) uploaded

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Thu Jan 31 06:59:23 CET 2008

Op Thursday 31 January 2008 02:37 schreef u:
> I've just finished uploading the first round of 4.0.1 tarballs. Unfortunately 
> there was a problem with kde-l10n generation so I have to redo them and 
> upload later today. 


I've added the extragear tarballs as well, note that there are some changes compared to 4.0.0:

- The version number used for the tarball now relates to the version of the application (in 4.0.0 they all used 4.0.0), some application use the kde version numbers, Those have 4.0.1 of course.

- The extragear tarball has the fiftheenpuzzle and lancelot commented out, there will probably be no new version of them during the 4.0.x cycle. You can use them from 4.0.0 if you like.

- Some tarballs are gone. KPhotoAlbum decided they are not ready, Kaider is no longer in extragear and will appear in 4.0.1 in the kdesdk tarball (as lokalise iirc). Ligature's build is broken currently, so not included. KTorrent has made a release a couple of days ago and will do their own releases for now.

- New tarball is KGrab!

That's it. 

Tom Albers

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