4.1 Release Goals page on Techbase

Joseph M. Gaffney CuCullin at WtFisThat.net
Sun Jan 20 23:21:09 CET 2008

Allen Winter wrote:
> On Sunday 20 January 2008 15:47:15 Joseph M. Gaffney wrote:
>> Allen Winter wrote:
>>> Howdy,
>>> FYI, I put some actual content into the 4.1 Release Goals page [1].
>>> This content was pasted from Sebas' blog, which started out
>>> from an email by Aaron.  And then I tweaked it a bit.
>>> Please review and modify as necessary.
>>> -Allen
>>> [1]
>>> http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.1_Release_Goals
>> Allen,
>> Would it be worthwhile to provide additional info about the Windows and
>> Mac ports - specifically that these are Windows and Mac application
>> ports, and not all of KDE (such as the desktop), to eliminate potential
>> confusion for those checking out the page?
> Sure.
> Any info that would help us evaluate if we are actually meeting goals would be 
> useful. Links, like Benjamin made, would be best probably.
> It is nice to have Windows and Mac porting folks monitoring this list and 
> providing feedback.  thanks guys.
> -Allen
Done - looks like Benjamin took care of the Mac link, I just added the 
KDE on Windows link.


*Note - not a mac/win dev, just an ever-interested user ;)
*Note 2 - Benjamin Reed did a great job showing off KDE on Mac on 
Friday, and Holger Schroder the same for KDE on Windows.  As I had a 
windows laptop with me (for shame, I know - work related), I installed 
the windows KDE installer (and some apps) during Holger's talk - its 
been rather impressive so far!

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