[24h] 6 months release schedule, 4.1 in July

Sebastian Kuegler sebas at kde.org
Thu Jan 17 01:14:28 CET 2008

So I went through the recent emails regarding the release schedule. Since the 
discussion has fallen silent, I think pretty much everything has been said. 
My impression from re-reading all those emails is that most people would like 
to adopt a 6 months schedule, and that July would be a good time for 4.1.

I therefore propose to adopt a 6 months release schedule, starting to release 
in July with 4.1, then in January 2009 4.2, and so on.

Now it'd be time for people with *strong* objections to give them, otherwise, 
we should start communicating the new schedule.

If you decide to object, please come up with a counter-proposal as to not 
block KDE from moving on. If the proposal gets accepted, I'm happy to work 
out details, based on the discussion following Matt's proposal and Kevin's 

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