[Kde-extra-gear] Evaluation of the extragear tarball releases.

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Mon Jan 14 22:06:01 CET 2008

Op Sunday 13 January 2008 01:47 schreef u:
> do we need to release apps in the main modules that haven't been touched since 
> the last release? if the work is substantial then the real issue is 
> automating the process so it's not.

Ok, That is a valid point. I will continue to release them all, although I still think it is plain silly ;-)

> the tag should be done on a branch; and translations are done on branches, 
> right? hopefully that's true even in extragear.

Wrong. There is an extragear branch, but transfering the translations to a branch is not so easy. So in practise extragear apps release from trunk with trunk translations. Branching is only done in special cases.


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