[Kde-extra-gear] Evaluation of the extragear tarball releases.

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Sun Jan 13 00:06:01 CET 2008

On Saturday 12 January 2008, Tom Albers wrote:
> Unmaintained: kcoloredit, kfax, kiconedit, kpovmodeler, ligature
> These applications seem unmaintained (please correct me if I'm wrong!), I

kpovmodeler is *certainly* not unmaintained, and i don't know if all the 
others really need that much additional work even if they aren't the best 
apps in the world.

how did you arrive at these conclusions?

> Own release schedule: ktorrent
> KTorrent has made his own beta release between te rc2 and final keg
> tarballs we created. I think we should disable ktorrent from our release
> process for now, untill they indicate they want to join again.

i think we ought to be doing what we originally planned: teams can pop a tag 
on their apps that indicates they'd like that revision to be packaged. it 
pretty much resolves these kinds of issues completely.

> 3)
> One of the bigger issues is the versioning. Because they are released with
> the kde release the internal version number of the application should be
> bumped as well. 

only if they are shipping a new release. that's not guaranteed. the 
tag-the-version approach helps resolve this issue nicely as well.

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