You've made a BIG MISTAKE with cheap black plastic Vista look.

Sebastian Kuegler sebas at
Sat Jan 5 20:38:09 CET 2008

Hi rbarryd,

On Wednesday 02 January 2008 20:15:34 you wrote:
> A good way to increase the popularity of linux is to make linux look good
> and unique, KDE 3.3 looked great, looking good and unique worked for Apple
> big time. A good way to decrease the popularity of linux is to make it
> look like it's trying to be a very low rent ***suck up*** to the most ugly
> OS on the planet, Windows Vista.

Unfortunately, your email is directed to the wrong list. For artwork issues, 
the best place to post to is kde-artists at But please don't bother 
posting there unless you have very concrete suggestions how to improve the 
looks, and even better, some time to spare to work on it.

Until then, you will have to live with what the artists dream up for us 
(which, I personally like a lot, by the way). Offending other people's work 
(which you did quite disrespectively also doesn't really meet KDE's friendly 
way of dealing with fellow contributors.

Of course, this often all boils down to taste, so please try to keep this out 
of discussions ...

> I think alot of people on the art team and the PR team will agree.

Actually, that is assumption is wrong.

Thanks for the feedback nevertheless,
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