Initial revision of KDE 4.1 schedule available on Techbase

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Thu Feb 14 23:26:14 CET 2008

A Dimecres 13 Febrer 2008, Dirk Mueller va escriure:
> On Saturday 26 January 2008, Matt Rogers wrote:
> > I've posted a new schedule on
> >
> >le that should work as the nearly final release schedule.
> >
> > Feedback is appreciated.
> I have a couple of questions:
> a) "Binary compatibility is not required". what do you mean by that? you're
> saying that newly added features do not have to be binary compatible?
> you're saying that binary incompatible changes are allowed in kdelibs?

For me it means, it is not required to maintain binary compatibility of new 
classes added in the 4.0->4.1 timeframe.


> b) Why a hard feature freeze for alpha1, e.g. before any user announced
> release? that doesn't make sense. we should have alpha releases that
> attract user attention and be able to react to the feedback, which often
> means changing or implementing new features. imho the feature freeze
> shouldn't be before beta1 or beta2.
> c) Why a message freeze before beta1? bugfixes often require message
> changes.

And translators often need time to translate things. And we are quite kind 
guaranteeing exceptions.


> d) it is still a mis-aligned schedule, however I'm not going to complai too
> loudly about it given that it might slip by one month and then be aligned
> :)
> e) I like the no-new-artwork freeze.
> Greetings,
> Dirk
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